May’s Biggest Content Marketing Trend Is “Snackable” Content- I’ll have more, please!

May has just about come and gone, and summer is well on it’s way! The weather outside is heating up, and so are content marketing strategies! We’ve taken a look back on the hottest new trends in content marketing this May, to make sure that you have a full run down on what’s happening, just in case you missed it:

Nom Nom Nom…More Snackable Content, please!!

You heard right – Snackable Content – ever heard of it? It’s defined as “content or information that is quick and easily digestible.” The end goal is for your audience not to have to dedicate minutes to reading or watching it, which makes it ideal for creating visual content for your social media channels. Creating these “snackable” content pieces can also help with keeping consistent when it comes to posting frequency.

The importance of snackable content in content marketing can be seen in the success of social media platforms like Instagram “Stories” (as well as Snapchat), where you can post a quick video (even in real time) to your audience. We’ve also seen traditional content become more “bite-sized”, such as the transformation of recipes or quick workout videos into short video clips on social media platforms.

Social Media Week published an excellent article on the benefits of using Snackable content, which included:

  • Reinforce your brand voice and establish awareness
  • Drive traffic to larger content pieces on website
  • Promote on or offline initiatives or deals
  • “Surprise and delight” your audience
  • Create deeper and more long lasting connections with your audience

In fact, that same article points out that the reason for the increase and prevalence of usage of snackable content is due in large part to how simple it is to create the content, and how easy it is for your audience to watch it: “Instagram is often cited as a favorite platform by social media users, and is a popular platform for business. A lot of its success comes down to its simplicity, and the potential for brands to create snackable content that allows users to dip in and out of their feeds when they feel like it.”

The article also notes that some of the best snackable content out there is creative and outside of the box: “Get creative and try to create your own visual snackable content! If something is visually pleasing and informational, there are more chances of someone sharing that graphic – which gives more visibility for your brand (and hopefully to like minded individuals).”

Are you ready to create some new snackable content for your social media channels? Then it’s time to chat with the experts at Hashtag Creative to get you the snackable content that you need in order to drive business and traffic to your site today!

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