Hiring: Marketing Sales Rep

We are currently looking for Sales Rock Stars to join us in our St. Petersburg location representing a leader in inbound and web marketing. As a member of this team, you will build influential relationships with business customers leading to increased revenue. Read More

New Year. New Marketing.

Do you have a marketing budget for 2018? That might have been a painful question in 2017. As business owners, we often forget to include a marketing budget in our yearly financial planning. But how much should you allocate?Read More

Marketing Plan for Online Holiday Fundraising

There is no better time of year for nonprofit fundraising than December. With the holiday season and everyone’s heart full of generosity (not to mention that last chance for tax deductions), you may find your most successful fundraising campaign! Here are a few tips to planning out your campaign. Read More

3 Essentials for Early Holiday Marketing Campaigns

The holidays are approaching, and there is so much to do. It’s a busy time for Entrepreneurs in every industry. Retail, airlines, catering, event spaces, non-profit; tree farmers! Christmas trees don’t sprout by sugar plum fairies.

There are fires to be put out and lists to check twice.Read More

Mondays are for Mentors

At two weeks in, every critique of my writing or imagery has become easier. Well, that is of course if I ignore the sinking feeling my stomach takes. There’s no Darth Vader types around here. So if I make a mistake, I don’t have to worry about getting force-choked. Read More

Intern Log : Stardate 10.2017

It’s the first day of my internship at Hashtag Creative, and I’m excited. Conversing with Sue and Marcia, meeting Joe and Hayden, touring the Members’ Lofts of the Station House, and countless other signals, throughout the selection process, gave me a good feeling about this. The company culture is fitting, a match made in Heaven by dim-witted angels, for I was interested in Hashtag for some time.

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We got hit by a hurricane. Some helpful links

Last week, Tampa Bay got hit by Hurricane Irma. And while it was projected to be much worse, a good majority were/are out of power for a week. We’d like to share some links & info that you all might find useful in dealing with the aftermath.

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Why Blogging is Key to your Marketing.

Social media has changed the way we reach potential customers. That’s no secret. Everyone, from your lawyer to your favorite restaurant probably has a Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. So if you’re on these channels, and use them to lead you potential customers to a sleek, user-friendly website, you’re on the right track. Read More