At two weeks in, every critique of my writing or imagery has become easier. Well, that is of course if I ignore the sinking feeling my stomach takes. There’s no Darth Vader types around here. So if I make a mistake, I don’t have to worry about getting force-choked. 

“Sorry for the wait,” said Joe Whalen as he set down his shades on the table.
“No problem,” I said.
“This weekend was my Dad’s wedding, and I’m just getting back from the East coast. I could be going on a cruise with them right now but, I have responsibilities-”
“-and duty calls,” I said.

The day’s lesson was Social Media Management: Hashtag Creative Style. We began by reviewing the social media work flow, and each team member’s part in it. We also went through internal review and how posts reach each client’s social media pages.
“Getting imagery calls for the most effort,” said Joe.

He showed me where to find pictures taken at our clientele’s locations. He also introduced me to the world of open-source and stock images (aka- not getting sued for using photos).

Tools? Check.

Soon enough, I jumped into creating a trial feed. I fumbled around with some graphics apps, but ended up frustrated with everything I made. The detail I wanted to convey seemed impossible using Canva. So I turned to Adobe Photoshop. It’s safe to say that I had to keep myself from drooling with what you can do with this software.

The clock hand jumped and the day was over. I gave Joe a full report of my progress. I promised some stellar performance for the next morning.
“Sure, remember,” he said, “you’re just hanging out.”

Working Towards Progress

I left the Station House, and walked down University Drive. On my stroll I passed a few high-rises and some al fresco diners. At the end of 2nd Street South, stood the mascot of my alma mater. It was University of South Florida’s the life-sized, bronze bull statue. When I got to the library, I tinkered with some Adobe software a bit. I called it quits when it got dark out. Still, I felt prepared for tomorrow.

The next morning, my feedback was more about speed and efficiency. At this point, I guess my tendency to over think things is a doubled-edged axe. It gives me a rich imagination along with a tendency to overkill. Still, there is a breath of relief when scaling back.

– Kris Daberkoe, Hashtag Creative 2017 Autumn Intern