New Year

New Year. New Results.

Do you have a marketing budget for 2018? That might have been a painful question in 2017. As business owners, we often forget to include a marketing budget in our yearly financial planning. But how much should you allocate?

A good rule is to plan for 12% of your annual income.

If your business is making $100,000 per year – $12,000 should be ear marked for marketing.

How to spend it?

Let’s look at the best results or ROI (return on investment). According to 2017 Marketing Trends,  the top four resulting in good or excellent return on investment were: 

  1. Social Media
  2. Email Marketing
  3. Content Marketing (blogging)
  4. SEO 


Ok Social Media – but which one?

Facebook remains the leader. In both size of users and the buying strength of those users (women 30-50). Instagram comes in second and also hits a younger age range. All social media platforms behave differently and attract different audiences. It helps to get a clear idea of business marketing vs personal use.


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