Tampa Bay has become one of the leading areas in the country for Craft Breweries. We at Hashtag Creative love our town and our beer! However, we hate seeing breweries using social media and inbound marketing in a way that makes us scream “omg stop doing that, you are hurting yourself!” So below are a few tips we put together for free, it’s ok, just buy us a pint next time we pop in.

 1) STOP IT: Linking to Facebook from Twitter

All social media channels are different and must have unique messages written for them. Why are you linking people to Facebook from Twitter? Length restrictions, hashtags, and graphics have different rules for best results on both. And don’t forget the main goal – driving people to your website, not another social media channel.

STOP IT: Don’t just push your Instagram to Twitter or Facebook.

This is the most annoying and the most common mistake I see.
tumblr_inline_mxk4z5fF1o1s5jo86Hashtags are used very differently on Instagram. You really can’t go wrong in using LOTS of them. Go crazy, it’s Instagram and it’s fun. Some help, some do not at all, but they don’t hurt. #beer #craftbeer #omgIloveBeerSoMuch #SundayFundayWithAllMyFriends #ipasRuleForever
Well, that fun can KILL you on Facebook and Twitter if not edited before publishing. First, you shouldn’t use more than two or three hashtags on Twitter.#craftbeer #howlmoonbrew.  On Facebook, leave them out altogether.  

3) DO IT: Get on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and use them

Don’t just use the one you like best, use them all. All are free services.  Even if you don’t post to them often it allows your fans to tag you. If you post on them often it drives engagement and gets people talking about you and coming into your tap-room.
really - do it

4) DO IT: Post tap lists!

We live in a robust craft brewery town, knowing what’s on tap will influence greatly where people are going tonight! If I can’t see your tap list, I may skip that stop on my agenda. Free advertising and excitement for your beers are worth a couple of minutes of time.

5) DO IT: Hire the Pros.

Yeah, your friend’s kid can do stuff on his computer for free. And that usually looks it. Branding is as important as what’s in the bottle. If you’re focused on making the best quality beer you can, spend some money to get the best looking graphics and campaigns from those who know how.  Remember business pages are different animals from personal pages, let the pros help.