When you post on Facebook or Twitter, are you giving your audience a call to action? A call to action (CTA) is simply, “something to do” and it should be the goal of your post.

Your goal is not to entertain your fans and get likes.

Using social media as a business is completely different than as an individual. Your goal is not to entertain existing clients nor is it to promote other people’s businesses. I mean that’s nice, but you are just getting THEM customers, not you. Your goals are simple. 1. Turn fans into customers. 2. Attract new fans.

Make It Easy.

Remember people are viewing your post in their news feeds. They are probably not viewing your entire channel page. So when they see your post, there is no link nearby for your website, your hours, your bio, just a lone post. And if this post says “sign up for our free class” or “come to our store”  or “call us” with no way to DO any of those things, I quickly move on. Read your post and ask yourself HOW to do the things I’m asking for? Sign up = link to do so.  Come by = link to address and hours.  Call us = link to touch and call.

No one has an attention span anymore.

It’s sad but true. In a world of reading on our smartphones, scrolling with a fingertip, making a call to action too hard, or too hidden is the same as not offering one at all.

Repeat after me, “drive people to your website”.

This is important and the most common mistake. To turn that Facebook fan into a customer, it’s crucial to land them on your website to finish their read, their look, their call to action.
Through the use of blogging, landing pages, and great content, you want your audience on your website. From there, they can take the next step you want them to take in the sales funnel.
  • Capture their email address.
  • See other events they may want to attend.
  • See photos of products to buy.
  • See links to quickly signup for a class.
  • Maps to find you.
  • Make a donation.
  • Keep getting to know you.
If your message begins and ends on a social channel, like Facebook. Odds are you are having a hard time converting new fans into paying customers. Don’t get discouraged if customers aren’t lining up out the door right away. A proper social media driving cycle takes at least 6 months to get the wheels turning. After that, we see some exciting results!

Reality Check:

Below is a post I found on Facebook and without naming names, let me show you why this isn’t reaching the goal.

  1. Nowhere in the post is a link to their website. So I can not tell by viewing this – where this restaurant is located, a map to find them, a number to call them, a complete menu to view, or more delicious photos to entice me. What a shame.
  2. Hashtags like this only belong on Instagram. Nowhere else. Use two on Twitter and none to one on Facebook. They only hurt you. This one drives me nuts.
  3. The eye-catching image is nice. Images always increase your traffic. Be sure it’s branded to you.
Next time, we’ll discuss what makes a good Call to Action on your website!