Social media has changed the way we reach potential customers. That’s no secret. Everyone, from your lawyer to your favorite restaurant probably has a Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. So if you’re on these channels, and use them to lead you, potential customers, to a sleek, user-friendly website, you’re on the right track.

Why Blog?

On Twitter, you can write short, witty bursts. On Instagram, you can post fun work-related pictures. With Facebook, you can easily share industry-related content. Blogging, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to have as obvious an application. So why do it?

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

How do you search for things on Google? You type keywords into a search bar of course.

So if you wanted to find somewhere local to groom your dog, you’d type in something like “dog groomer St. Petersburg.” Google will then find pages on the web that contain such keywords.

If you did run a dog grooming business, you’d want your website to be visible for these types of searches. Thus, you’d want your pages to have terms that people would search on Google. Having a blog will boost this visibility if you’re organically including these terms in your posts. The length of your blog and readability can also boost SEO.  

2. Keep Them Focused on You

If a local publication writes a positive review or feature on your business, that’s great! It’s like having free promotional material that you can share on your Facebook and Twitter. Although it’s good to have third party content, blogging makes sense when you put yourself in the shoes of your followers.  

Imagine a potential customer browsing your business’ Facebook page. They’re curious or in need of the services that you offer. On your page they see a news article about your businesses and they click on it to read more.

3. Where are they now?

Readers these days have short attention spans. This is especially true when they have the world wide web at their fingertips. Before, they were reading about your business, but now they might have gone on another page or kept browsing elsewhere.

Blogging draws in a reader’s interest and keeps them on your site. So after they’re done checking out your post, they might go on to look at your other articles, or click on a link to contact you and find your business.

4. Becoming More Than a Just Product or Service

Regardless of your industry, here are two things that remain constant: monopolies are illegal and humans are social creatures.

So what do these things have to do with one another?

Whatever your business offers, someone nearby probably offers something similar at around the same price. Let’s imagine two restaurants called “A” and “B”

Both of them are almost exactly the same as the quality and type of food they offer. Restaurant “A” gives you a standard dining experience, and there isn’t much else to them. Restaurant “B” on the other hand is a locally owned business, they remember your name when you come back, and once in a while, they’ll give you a beer on the house.

Which one has earned a loyal customer? Restaurant” “B” of course!

 The relationship between a customer and a business is much like any other human relationship. It’s a type of symbiosis that comes with agreeableness, and familiarity. Customers don’t just buy things, but they support people they like and can rely on. Blogging establishes this type of bond.

You can make your business personable by telling that crazy story about how you got it started. Turn your site into a trustworthy resource by offering advice related to your field. A post doesn’t have to be directly related to your profession. You can create fun, “fluff” pieces that people would love to share on social media and gives you exposure. Just make sure that it ties back to your business in the end. Once you have their attention – you want to guide them into easily becoming a customer.

5. Keeping Your Audience

The word “media” is a plural of “medium” as in “something in between.” Why do people get wanderlust and want to go somewhere they’ve never been to before? It’s because they’ve seen pictures, watched videos, and read things that make that destination appealing. It’s content that links the traveler to their destination. This same reasoning applies to your business.

As mentioned before, almost everyone and every business is on social media. Effectively maintaining these channels and posting content worth sharing, makes people want to come to your business. You want to maintain a lively presence online.  However, maintaining a blog and managing social media can seem like taking on a whole new job.

Luckily for you, that’s our job.

At Hashtag Creative, we turn followers into customers. Not only will we maintain your social media with strategically placed posts and content, but we’ll also work with you to develop a blog that gives your business that extra push. We’ll run everything from the topics to the final draft past you to guarantee that we capture your voice, insight, and story.

Contact us to set up an initial consultation at no charge. Let’s turn your business into a destination.