Marketing has changed. Today’s consumers are online most of their day. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest – are all in the palm of your hand. Literally, on your smartphone.

These social media channels are indeed that – social. Your customers want to get to know you, get to trust you, and feel they have a relationship (although in an online way) with you before they are willing to spend money with you. tweet

Many service-based professionals like injury attorneys or plumbers are pros you don’t really need until you REALLY need them.

static1.squarespaceIf you’ve already established a relationship with potential customers BEFORE they need you, their journey down your sales funnels just got a lot easier for you both. After people get in a car accident is not the time to start building a relationship and getting them to hire you if you are an attorney – they’ll just do a blind search for the lowest cost. But if you’ve been working that relationship for months, they won’t hesitate to call the professional they feel they know.

Let me explain it in another way, Inbound Marketing is named that because you attract ideal clients TO you (inbound instead of outbound) and they come willingly for non-sales reasons such as:

  • Reading your articles, tips, entertainment, or education on your blog
  • Engaging in your Facebook posts
  • Retweeting your tweets
  • Playing your Instagram contests
  • Sharing your content on their own feeds

After this engagement, when it comes time to move from follower to customer they come willingly. After all, you are now someone they feel they know.

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