The holidays are approaching, and there is so much to do. It’s a busy time for Entrepreneurs in every industry. Retail, airlines, catering, event spaces, non-profit; tree farmers! Christmas trees don’t sprout by sugar plum fairies.

There are fires to be put out and lists to check twice.

Plans for a holiday marketing campaign can go similar to a Tim Allen Christmas movie. There’s a conflict of sentiment, then everyone feels cheerful and fulfilled. The End.

Here’s a reality check, because there is something hypnotic about wrapping boxes with paper: more forward-thinking keeps profits from sinking.

To nudge you toward competitive advantage, the strategic thinkers at Hashtag Creative have come to terms with three essentials to consider, approaching a holiday marketing plan.


Save Now! Christmas blowout deal! Shop! Shop! Shop!

The look of loved ones when they unwrap their gift: that’s what customers will see shopping. Don’t get in the way of that. Numbers and percentages can be annoying.

Make the message clear: we’re emptying shelves.

But these shelves are for which of the 66 different types of customers?

Shout out to all the car salesmen and their urban-commuter pals:

Two out of Three Wisemen rate the comfort and economy of our best selling sedan over that of camels.


There are 12 days of Christmas, 8 days of Hanukka, 7 days of Kwanzaa, and one long night of Winter Solstice.

Planning early for a holiday marketing campaign asks important questions. It shows how close you and the customer are.

Do the recipients feel their sanity take flight, a partridge from a peartree, 7 days into a 12 day holiday? Do they like to lose all their chocolate coins at the dreidel?

Holiday familiarity makes your business one of the family.


Writing out holiday wishlists isn’t what it used to be. They’d get scribbled out with a crayon and filed down a postbox, addressed to the North Pole.

Now shoppers are looking to social media for gift ideas. Online shoppers are 30% more likely to buy from a social media site, according to

Plan to out-love the alternatives. Show what goodwill and peace on Earth means to your brand.

A Cooked Goose

Insensitive marketing weighs on Entrepreneurs. Remember these 3 Essentials for Early Holiday Marketing Campaigns, or slip us your wishlist at