trainingFor you Do-It-Yourselfers who need a little guidance, we offer training sessions (on-site or virtual) in various topics on social media training.

  • Introduction to Inbound Marketing
    An overview of inbound marketing as a whole and how the combination of social media, email capture, and original content can help you increase your lead base.
  • Links and Stats
    We are stat nerds at heart and there is a real science behind it all. You’ll learn the best way to use links, how to monitor your stats, and learn from them!
  • Blogging Great Content
    Original content is key to bringing readers to your site. Learn how and what to do with users once you do get their attention.
  • Email Marketing and Capture
    Email addresses are gold. Once captured, you have the opportunity to turn that address into a donor, a volunteer, a customer, or a promoter! Learn the leading tips for doing so.
  • Facebook and Twitter
    The big two! Learn how and when best to post to Facebook and Twitter. How to best use images, links, and hashtags to attract new strangers and turn them into customers.
  • Instagram and where the kids are.
    If the younger audience is your goal, we cover Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, and Snapchat in this session. Learn how to use them as a business.

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