Making a Facebook Event for your birthday party is one thing. Making a Facebook Event to draw customers into your business… is another. With how much people rely on the social network for the goings-on in their community, it’s crucial to give as many strangers FoMO (the fear of missing out) as possible. Events vary just like businesses do, but here are some basic guidelines for a successful Facebook Event. 

Keep the name simple…

More than half of all Facebook users access the social network exclusively from a mobile device. This means that long titles won’t fit on smartphone screens. Keep it brief, and keep it simple. People will learn more about the event on your page, but first, they need to get there. Getting “what” across is more important than trying to dazzle your audiences. Save that for the banner.

…and make the banner pop

Have you hosted this event before? Take any pictures? Perfect! Showing potential event-goers that you’re hosting a lively and fun experience is a great way to pull them in. First time hosting this event? Don’t sweat it. Using a poster made for this specific event also works. If you have neither, just use your logo. A banner image should be as specific and FoMO inducing as possible.

Beyond the Friends List

It’s probably a given that you would invite your entire friend list on Facebook. So how does one go beyond that? The quickest way is to use the Promote Event feature. With this feature, you can select your target audience and budget to reach those outside your social circle.

Another way you can reach more people is through cross-promotion. Is there anyone from outside your business participating at this event? Everyone from the food trucks, the vendors, the musicians, or anyone else involved should be sharing the event on their Facebook page.

Updates! Updates! Updates!

So you’ve made your events page and a bunch of people RSVP’d. Now all you have to do is sit back and relax, right? Not quite! You’ve got your audience, but now you have to keep them entertained. Post a consistent, but not spammy, amount of updates so that your event stays fresh in their minds.

Here are some ideas for updates:

  • Setting-up/Flashback-to-last-year photos and video
  • Fun surveys
  • Profiles of notable guests, artists, booths, prizes, etc.
  • Any related news articles
  • Daily countdowns

Engaging people with updates keep them excited for your event and reminds them to come. You don’t want someone to RSVP that they’re going…only to end up forgetting about it. Don’t let them forget, but keep it fun.

Leave it to the Professionals

Between running a business and preparing for an event, your hands are going to be full. So why not call in for some extra help? At Hashtag Creative, we offer services that go beyond making a page on Facebook. We’ll develop graphics, hashtags, status updates, and strategically placed posts to make your event as widespread as possible. We will also attend and live-tweet your event to promote it as it’s going on.

The ultimate goal of your event is to create an influx of business. You’ll handle what you know best and let us handle what we know best. All you have to worry about is making the event fun. We’ll draw the crowd.