Don’t Be a Jerk
(and Other Tales from the Business World)

I had some time on my hands recently. No, it wasn’t the type of time that I planned for and brought a good book. It was the type of unexpected, frustrating kind, where I was hanging about waiting on someone to turn up, thinking of the one million other things I could be doing. 

If you must know, I was stood up. But it wasn’t a date gone horribly wrong, like so many of my roller-skating rink escapades from the ‘90s. This was the business meeting that never was.   

So, there I sat, fuming, enough coffee and rage to keep me awake and plotting revenge for a week. Did I get the time mixed up? The place? No. The other party just, you know, didn’t turn up. No email. No phone call. No text. The stinker.  

The only upside was that I stumbled across a very relevant article in Forbes on how respecting time results in better performance for everyone. According to these business brainiacs, we can often signal to others that our time is more important than theirs. But by not being a jerk we can improve trust and productivity. Talk about a lightbulb moment. Either I was having an epiphany, or the excess caffeine was giving me heartburn.

Pet Peeves

If your business motto is ‘treat ‘em mean and keep ‘em keen,’ then think again. Here are our business no-nos. 

  1. Ghosting

We know you got the email, the text, and the polite phone message. Be a grown-up and reply. Doing a Houdini impression by disappearing and then popping up and wanting to engage will earn you zero points.

  1. Punctuality

Look, we all have bad days: flat tires, diary clashes, family emergencies. That’s why the bumper sticker ‘shit happens’ was invented. No problem. Just one thing? Let us know if you’re running late. Or, better still, plan ahead, leave on time, and arrive prepared. Turn up when you say you will. Don’t just talk the talk; walk the walk. 

  1. Boundaries

We’ve got staff and clients in far-flung destinations, so we understand time zones and busy schedules. Emailing us on weekends or evenings is one thing, and expecting a reply immediately is another. Technology is great for connecting us, but work-life balance is better. 

Oh, and asking for things at short notice that could have been planned for? Well, that’s awkward. 

  1. Focus

You’re fooling no one with those sideways glances at your screen. We’re all busy, so let’s make the effort when we’re face to face and ditch the distractions. Be present. 

Back to basics

You know, some folks have enough University degrees to drown in, but they still need to go back to school. Charm school, that is. Let’s get back to basics.

Manners are invaluable. Never underestimate the power of saying thanks to someone for a job well done. Also, it’s pretty tricky to be mad at someone when they have made a sincere apology.

Recommend others: if we find a service or product that we love, we mention it on  Facebook or Insta, or we write a review. Boost others: word of mouth is a gift that any community business owner will be delighted to benefit from.  

Honesty is always respected. We would much rather you tell us a realistic timeframe than promise the world and then fail to deliver. 

Jerk free zone

So, swim between the red flags, dear people, and we’re going to get along just fine. Ignore them, and well… Houston, we’ve got a problem. 

Side effects of being a jerk in the business world include, but are not limited to:

  • Clients and contractors won’t want to work with you, and you’re missing out on their talent and contributions. 
  • Staff will be unhappy. That may not rock your conscience, but it will rock your bank balance – staff turnover is costly in terms of time, dollars, and reputation. When employees are disengaged and unmotivated, you’ll see conflict and absenteeism. 

Our mamas didn’t raise no jerks

Whether you want to collaborate on designing a new website or logo, or if you need guidance on social media or marketing, we bring positivity, dependability, and good old-fashioned respect. We are Hashtag Creative. Our hard work earns our clients big bold results.

Let’s get together and talk about it. Oh, and don’t worry, we won’t keep you waiting.