In our new age of digital art used for marketing, graphic design trends are constantly changing. You don’t want to be caught using last year’s outdated trends that are no longer in style. So in order for you to stay on par with the most current graphic design trends of 2018, check our list of the top 3 trends here:

1) Bright Colors are IN…the bolder the better!

Bright and bold colors are in this year, and look to be the strongest graphic trend of the year so far. “2017 has been a riot of colour, with graphic designers making big, bold choices,” says Shaun Bowen, creative partner at B&B studio in a recent interview for a fantastic article on graphic design trends by GraphicMama. He goes on to say that “Perhaps in an effort to inspire positivity after a difficult year in 2016, we’ve seen an influx of bright colours, often with flat graphics and only one or two colours used at any one time”.

In the same interview, Mireia Lopez, creative director at DARE, adds a similar sentiment that “We’re seeing the use of vibrant colours in juxtaposition with bold imagery,” and adds that “This can be seen as a response to minimalism and material design, from using white spaces and clean layouts to unexpected colour combinations and distinct varied typographical styles – and is across all areas of branding as well as digital.”

Another big reason that bright colors are so popular is that it

 “…helps content stand out from meme-filled social media,” notes Nathan Sandhu, founder and creative director of Jazzbones Creative.

Bright colors can definitely make a graphic design pop. We’re confident that this trend will continue on be among graphic design trends 2019.

2) Fonts and Typography are getting creative!

Creative fonts and typography come in as a strong second on our list of leading trends for graphic design trends 2018. When it comes to designing and utilizing creative fonts and typography, the designer’s own imagination is the strongest asset. Creative typography can be combined with other techniques or used solely in the design: Things like cropped typography, chaotic typography, and typography with real life elements are seen everywhere right now.

Another way to add some eye-catching features to your designs is to use some bold or handwritten fonts. This is another trend that seems to come from the design world, moving away from boring minimalism as a whole.

Bold and handwritten typographies are will help your company to stand out against otherwise looking simple or overused fonts that your competitors may be using, and will help your written content to really jump off the screen in an eye catching way.

3) In a retro nod to past times, custom illustrations are all the rage

Custom hand-drawn illustrations land in at a solid third place on our list. Custom graphics are something that has always been in style, and will always be in style, because it’s so creatively unique and can be totally customized for each different business or company. 
In the same article on graphic design trends references earlier, Nathan Sandhu of Jazzbones Creative says that “Hand-drawn images have been particularly big in 2017,” adds Sandhu. “The personal touch that they provide to branding and marketing is undeniable,” and adds that “In a world ever-more dominated by screens, there’s just something appealing about the hand-drawn that resonates with many.”

Likewise, designer Dan Bramham of Greenwich Design, says that the recent rising in black and white handwritten graphics is a very interesting trend, and that it “goes hand in hand with the movement away from the very technical and a return to an artisan approach, which we’re seeing across everything from food to the resurgence of handicrafts, and the search for a more balanced way of life.“

Simon Wright, Managing Director at Greenwich Design, also adds that they are seeing more print advertisements than in the past: “One of the things we’ve noticed in 2017 is the desire to be more personal through design – a nod to a previous era,” and that “Clients sending a beautifully designed postcard or a hand-written letter for example; a return to old-fashioned methods of communication as a means to stand out.”

Looking to have some of these hottest new graphic design trends for your website, logo, or printed media? We’ve got you covered! Chat with the experts here at Hashtag Creative, and our designers will get to work to create you the best graphic designs that will undoubtedly pull eyes to your content!