Besides basic grammar, here are some things you need to consider when writing a blog. 

  1. Tone – Make sure that the “voice” you use is appropriate for the subject matter. A post about writing a will should have a much different tone than a post about happy hour.
  2. Audience – Be aware of them. Who will be reading it? Why would anyone want to read it? What will they get out of your post? Are you talking to your ideal clientele?
  3. Density – How long are your paragraphs? Nothing scares readers away faster than a giant wall of text. Bullet points can help you avoid this. (like this!)
  4. Editing – A first draft should never see the light of day. Walk away from it, come back to it, revise it, or even better yet, show it to a second pair of eyes before publishing.
  5. Call to Action – Be sure your post has a “next step” for your readers. Remember your goal is to convert them into a customer. Contact Us, Get Our Free EBook, Learn More About Our Services!

Now here’s the part where we give YOU a call to action! Contact us today and learn more about our blogging services. Let us show you how to create a sales funnel on your website!