Right, so you think you’re computer savvy. Well, points awarded for getting this far. You clicked the link. You liked us on Facebook*. You had more Zoom calls in 2020 than you can remember. Not bad. But are you willing to put your computer literacy to the test? And how much do you know about using computers to handle digital marketing for your business?

Take the quiz, if you dare…

Q1. When we talk about content, what does the term ‘evergreen’ mean?
A) The content is always relevant to the audience, regardless of when they read it.
B) That contents of those lovely potted plants on your patio are still green in winter.

Q2. What is Google AdWords?
A) An online advertising service for products and services
B) when you Google how to do digital marketing. It can’t be that hard, can it?

Q3. When you see ‘press any key to start’ do you:
A) press any of the keys on the keyboard.
B) Ask others “where is the any key?” as it is so hard to locate.

Q4. What are ‘cookies’?
A) unique values stored in the browser.
B) unique treats stored in the cookie jar.

Q5. What is a ‘call to action’?
A) A push to customers to drive a specific action such as signing up to a newsletter.
B) When a prince from a foreign land calls you to action – he needs you to email him those bank details so that he can transfer that $1 million from his uncle’s will.

Q6. What’s a ‘click-through rate’?
A) The % of people who saw your ad and were compelled to click it.
B) The number of clicks needed to secure those Celine Dion tickets. Man, she sells out quickly.

The results are in…

Right. The jury has deliberated, the votes have been tallied, our nails have been bitten to the cuticles, and we need to lie down in a dark room. Buckle up, folks, the moment of truth has arrived.

If you answered mostly A:
Well, well, well. Look who’s the smarty pants now. Not bad. Not bad at all. Gold star for you. But can you tell me the square root of the isosceles triangle contained within a quadratic equation? Ha!

If you answered mostly B:
We need to talk, and there’s no easy way to put this: you’re suffering from a common condition called techno-phobia. We didn’t make that up, it’s a real thing. Symptoms include frustration, confusion, and an overwhelming urge to throw any computing equipment out of a window. Websites and social media are not your thing. But that’s OK. We can still be friends. But, you know, not when the cool kids are around.

Press the start button

We get it. You’re busy running a business. You’re dealing with supply chains, distribution, staffing, and customers. Taking on the mammoth task of marketing that business on top of all of that would be like learning a new language. Especially since the digital marketing world is changing all the time. Sometimes, it’s best to hand it over to the experts.

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Hashtag Creative, a small but mighty team of specialists. We do marketing people love. We do big, bold results. We’re ready to develop a strategy to get your business booming and reaching its potential.
*Seriously. Did you not like us on Facebook yet? That hurts our feelings.