There is no better time of year for nonprofit fundraising than December. With the holiday season and everyone’s heart full of generosity (not to mention that last chance for tax deductions), you may find your most successful fundraising campaign! Here are a few tips to planning out your campaign.

Early December: Set out your goals

  • Do you wish to set a monetary goal? $5000? $20,000?
  • Engagement goals? 100 New Likes!
  • Education goals? 1000s of viewers to see that the Elephant is at an urgent risk of extinction!
  • Action? Please call your Senator this week for the vote to save Animals on Tuesday!

Create Your Sales Funnel

Prepare your email and social media posts in advance. This is not something to wing on a daily basis. You’ll need to write your copy for your Email first then adapt for Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram. Email your list once a week and post to social media channels at least 3-4 times a week. Mix it up. If you send long graphic emails, slip one in that is all text that looks like the boss typed out a plea on their phone. Use goals, stories, testimonials, messages from champions. Have proper links to your landing pages and graphics ready to go.

Landing pages – this is the target where you want to drive all your traffic. On landing pages, there should be little choice or distraction other than your goal. i.e. DONATE HERE, SIGN PETITION HERE, EMAIL SIGNUP, CONTACT SENATOR


December 4 to December 10 :

Introduce your campaign. 1. Setup the problem, 2. Give the solution, 3. Direct the action (donate!)
Example: “We are running low on cat food at the shelter this winter. With your help, we can raise enough to feed all of these adorable kittens. Click here to donate $5.00”

December 11 to December 17 :

Reframe your campaign. You are still using the formula of “Setup the problem, then the solution, then the action (donate!)” But restructuring with new graphics and a new spin. Use a fact, a quote, a did you know, or a testimonial from another donor or community leader.

Example: “Nothing makes our family feel better than helping the four-legged members of our community at this time of year.  Please give what you can! Click here to donate” – Mayor of your town.

December 18 to December 24 :

Push Urgency: We are SO close to our goal of $5000 to save these animals! Won’t you help make their Christmas bright? DONATE

December 25 to December 31 :

Taxes: Don’t discount this week! Studies show more people make online donations this week than any other. Don’t be shy in reminding them of the tax deadline – it’s been proven to get results.

Twitter Example: Don’t forget it’s the last week to make tax-deductible donations for 2017. Make your donation to the Save Animals Fund today! #giving <link to donation page>