Yes, we’re tired of hearing about the pandemic too. Many of us are worried about our health, our finances, and our families. Can’t we talk about something fun? Like kittens? 

But the thing is, with Covid-19 sweeping the world, many of us are working from home, or working in a sector that’s going through a major downturn. Venturing out involves masks, hand sanitizer, and staying 6 feet apart. Let’s face it: online presence for your business has never been more important.

Face to face interactions are on the decrease, and online interactions are on the rise. People scroll on social media and websites from smartphones, laptops, and iPads for online shopping, inquiries, and information gathering. Hey, maybe you’re reading this blog right now, at home, in yoga pants, eating a burrito. Dude, it’s fine, we’re not here to judge.

First impressions

Your website is a shining door through which customers will pass. It’s your shot at representing the business, showing your credibility and professionalism to the world. Your website is the HQ of your marketing efforts, allowing customers to view products, order online, and make inquiries. It’s your chance to spread your message, let the world know about your unique services and special offers. So, you know, don’t mess it up.

Your online presence lets you capture leads and increase sales, and lets strangers know what you’re all about. Make your first impression a good one. 

So, let’s do a quick survey. We promise it won’t hurt a bit. Is your website outdated, and lacking in information? Is it dull? Worse still, is your website… dare we say it… non-existent? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you’re missing out. Think of all the customers you could be wowing. Imagine all the minds you could be blowing. 

We need to talk. It’s time for urgent intervention. 

Game plan

Is your business slow these days? Maybe there’s less foot traffic in your store. Or perhaps you have a potential for online sales but don’t have the online tools to process them. Take this opportunity now to invest in a new or upgraded website. 

There’s no point in sugar-coating it. Customers make judgments on your website within seconds, so you have to get it right. That’s OK, we’ve got a plan.

Step 1: We work on website planning, design, and construction. Let us do the heavy lifting, and we’ll arrange the site map, design, and bug test. We’ll even handle errors for 30 days. 

Step 2: We’ll handle the hosting, domain, and email set-up, then transfer it to your personal account at site launch.

Step 3: We’ll upload appropriate content and imagery.

Step 4: We’ll complete WordPress training and transfer, so you’ll be able to handle future changes.

Step 5: We take over the world. Too far? Fine, be like that. Party pooper.

Let’s get busy

Here at Hashtag Creative, we’re experts in creating a stylish, functional website that is guaranteed to impress customers and get your online presence set as an amazing platform. 

So, are you ready? Let’s get started.