Ok, so you know that International Women’s Day is fast approaching and that the theme is #BreakTheBias for a gender-equal world free from bias and discrimination. But did you also know that March is Women’s History month when we focus on women’s empowerment? 

Well, that’s what we call perfect timing, because wouldn’t you know it, Hashtag Creative has something a little bit special lined up. Oh, but step back gents – this one’s only for the ladies. 

Well, we are a women-owned and staffed business. So, go figure.

The financial boy’s club

If you paid attention in history class, you’ll know that exclusions were notorious for women. For decades, women couldn’t vote. Gender inequality in finance meant that women couldn’t take out a loan, sign a mortgage or even get a credit card without a male co-signer. Women struggled to keep pace with men when it came to traditional investing, locked out of Wall Street.

These days, the world of cryptocurrency (like Bitcoin and NFTs) is growing. We’re seeing it in real estate, art collection, entertainment, and more. It’s also more accessible thanks to online training, social media, and targeted marketing. However, while crypto has broken down the race barriers, it hasn’t yet done the same when it comes to gender. 

The crypto gender gap means that twice as many men as women invest in cryptocurrency according to a CNBC Next Gen study.

Investing is on the rise, but women are getting left behind. 

Women kick ass at investing

We can’t resist telling you about an article by Kerry Hannon on MarketWatch that cracked us up. It stated that women are less likely to ‘freak out’ over their investments, according to a Fidelity study. And yes, they actually used the word freak out. 

Male investors who are over 45, married, and say that they have excellent investment experience or knowledge tend to … wait for it… lose it when markets nosedive. They dump their portfolio holdings in – and we quote the following with glee – “panic sales.”

Um, so, remind us… who’s the emotional one?

Turns out, women are better at staying calm in financial storms. “Women are better investors than men when they get down to it,” wrote Hannon. “We do our research. We take our time deciding what to invest in. We ask questions and we tend to stay the course, potentially letting our investments grow.”

Well, well, well. We’re not gonna lie, we’ll be dining off on that one for a long time.

It explains why women’s retirement investments often outperform men’s. Women don’t buy and sell emotionally or flee when, to use the financial lingo, sh*t gets real. 

So, hear this: women are a good fit for investing.

CNBC stated that women get better returns on investments because they “have an edge over men when it comes to long-term gains.” Always liked you, CNBC. 

Fidelity’s Women and Investing Study attributes this business acumen to 

  1. trading less to allow for riding out market lows and
  2. investing more consistently.

So, here’s the burning question…

If women are naturally suited to building wealth, why are they being left behind?

Is it low confidence?

Is it self-doubt?

Is it a lack of knowledge?

Let’s change all that. 

Lorna Kapusta at Fidelity says that women need to talk about wealth building, “when women come together the floodgates open.”

We’re building wealth. You’re invited

Bridget Casey is the founder of ‘Money After Graduation’ a financial eLearning company. She told the Globe and Mail that the risk is not investing in crypto; the risk is in staying out. 

At Hashtag Creative we know that women are business savvy, capable, intelligent, productive, innovative, and powerful. We’re networkers and communicators. We’re fierce. Our clients and contacts are an impressive bunch. 

That’s why we want women to have a slice of the pie. We’re planning a wealth summit “ROAR”, just for women. No boys are allowed in this clubhouse. 

It’s happening on March 12, so click here to learn about the schedule of education, laughter, and lunch. Ladies, get in touch to learn more and book, and let’s hear you loudest, proudest ROAR!