What we love about the holiday season differs for everyone – some love to party on down, and others just like to hibernate at home after a hectic year. 

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However, one thing that we know for sure is that it’s just not Christmas without a Christmas movie – preferably enjoyed as you tick off that final item on the never-ending shopping list, slam that laptop shut, and collapse.

So, if you’re curled up with some coco, let’s take a look at some of our favorite Christmas movies, and why they’ll always hold a special place in our hearts. 

Nostalgia and tradition

Often, our fave Holiday movie is one from our childhood, because it brings back the magic of our childhood Christmases. Maybe it’s one that we have seen over and over again but watch anyway as a family tradition. 

And we can’t resist scenes involving snow, cozy fireplaces, and gift-giving because it evokes a sense of tradition.

For that real holiday nostalgia, you can’t beat the classics, like Miracle on 34th Street, White Christmas, and It’s a Wonderful Life. All together, now: “Teacher says, every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings.”

Themes of redemption and transformation

Have you noticed that many Holiday movies involve life lessons and characters learning the ‘true meaning of Christmas’? The theme of redemption and transformation has been featured ever since Ebenezer Scrooge was visited by the three ghosts in A Christmas Carol. 

Remember The Grinch, with his heart two sizes too small, learning the true meaning of Christmas? And don’t forget Christmas Vacation’s Clark Griswold, amidst the chaos, discovering the importance of family and togetherness. 

Escapism, laughter, and feel-good vibes

No doubt your year has been a busy one, so isn’t it lovely to escape to Santa’s workshop at the North Pole as you watch Elf or Santa Clase: the Movie?

A little escapism and a feel-good plot are exactly what we love in a Christmas movie. And honestly, the predictability of a Holiday movie is a comfort. You may have watched Kevin McCallister take on the ‘wet bandits’ in Home Alone every year, and you may know exactly what booby trap is coming next, but would it be Christmas without it?

And after all of the pressures of the year, it’s so nice to sit back and watch a movie that makes everyone in the house laugh. Admit it, you laughed when Matthew Broderick tried to get one up on Danny DeVito when they declared Christmas light war in Deck the Halls. 

Wishing you a magical Christmas

Well, the gang here at Hashtag Creative have been very good girls and guys all year, creating winning campaigns and marketing people love. And not just holiday campaigns, but sparkling websites, quality blog posts, and engaging social media.

As approach the big day, we’ve been debating heavily on what is the best holiday movie.

The Holiday is Marcia’s fave

The Family Stone is Sue’s fave

Home Alone is Taylor’s fave

A Christmas Story is Tyler’s fave

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is Amy’s fave

So, although we can’t agree on one favorite, we can all agree that it’s been a really great year for the clients that we work so hard for. Their success is our success, and we can’t wait to see what challenges, opportunities, and fun 2024 brings. For us, Hashtag Academy is something we’re looking forward to rolling out.

We would love to take this opportunity to say a big old heartfelt thanks to our teammates and the amazing businesses that put their trust in us, year after year.

Why not join them and watch your business soar? Together, we can create a marketing strategy that’s just right for you. Now, with the new year shining brightly on the horizon, is the perfect time to plan ahead.