When choosing a company to handle the Social media for your business, you need them to walk the walk – not just talk the talk. You need them to deliver results, sure. But you also need them to deliver insight. 

OK, so your social media campaign got this amount of likes. 

Big deal. 

This is not a popularity contest here, and we don’t care who’s going to be voted prom queen this year*. Been there, done that. 

When reflecting on how effective your business’s social media presence is, you need to know more.

What worked?

And equally important…

What didn’t work?

Because the thing about digital marketing and social media is that it’s about learning. It’s about adapting. It’s a crowded jungle out there, and it’s survival of the fittest, y’all.

Those stripes didn’t quite hit the mark? Let’s try spots.

Social media and digital marketing should never be a tick-box exercise. It should be carefully planned and executed. It should be always changing color.

What to expect from your monthly reports

At Hashtag Creative, we are known for creating marketing people love. But don’t just take our word for it. We’re ready to put our money where our mouth is.

Every month, each one of our clients receives a tailored report drawn up on our software that delivers insight on the performance of their social media campaigns. It reflects on many aspects and takes all of the channels into account. 

Each report shows exactly how well a campaign performed and helps us to figure out what’s working. It also allows us to tweak any issues and develop or pivot a strategy for the next period. Of course, the team is on hand to explain, discuss, or provide more detail over the phone or on Zoom.

Now, we don’t wanna brag, but hey – ‘ain’t no complaints, if ya follow. In fact, many clients report that queries, website traffic, and sales are up – so they can see the effects of the social media campaign directly in their day-to-day business. 

Now, if the phone doesn’t stop ringing, don’t blame us. 

Let’s talk profile performance

You’ll get:

  1. Performance summary – this is a bird’s eye view that shows impressions, engagements, and post-click links (and whether they’re up or down since the last period, and by what percentage).
  2. Net audience growth – this shows how many followers were gained, Facebook likes, etc. 
  3. Message volume – here, we review the volume of sent and received messages across your networks for the period.
  4. Impressions – we review how your content was seen across networks during the period.
  5. Engagement – this section looks at how people are engaging with your posts. In ‘video views’ we show how videos were viewed across the networks.

Let’s talk paid performance

This section is your opportunity to review your key campaign performance metrics by channel breakout. You’ll:

  1. See how many times your content was seen by the target audience.
  2. Visualize and analyze how many people are engaging with your paid campaigns.
  3. Learn how many actions were taken on your website.
  4. Figure out how your videos are performing.

More bang for your buck

At Hashtag Creative, we’re proud of our monthly reports. It takes a lot of faith for a small business to invest in digital marketing, and the team takes pleasure in showing them that it’s working. Our clients are getting a return on their investment, and they’re in good hands. 

Let’s work together. Let’s get big, bold results. Let’s get started.

*Vote Hashtag for Prom Queen!