Did you ever come across a car salesman who was pushing you to buy a hunk of junk? Was he relentless? Our guess is that you backed away from the car lot. Maybe you went home, did your own research, and came across an informative and current blog or article on the type of car that interests you. Next, you clicked a link leading to a dealership website, then made an appointment for a test drive. Hey, maybe you even bought the car. 

The point is, you’d rather learn about a business from a blog rather than suffer the hard sell. 

So, in celebration of Blogger Day on August 5, let’s ask the burning question: is blogging for your business worth your while? 

Um, heck yeah!

That’s because a business that promotes blogging gets 13-times the return on investment than a business that doesn’t and a business that blogs generates 67% more leads per month according to DemandMetric

Now, have you ever wondered how blogging helps a business? Sit tight, you’re about to find out.

Builds trust

Companies that blog get a reputation as a source of valuable, helpful, accurate information. They’re experts in their field, after all, and they share what they know, pointing us in the right direction.  

Builds brands

When you’ve read a small business blog, you’ll have a clear picture of who they are, what they stand for, and what they believe in.  Their message is out there, and their brand is elevated.

Drives traffic

When you insert links in your blogs, you can draw the reader to your landing page. See? By blogging, you drive traffic to your website by using keywords, engaging headlines, high-quality images, and optimize for SEO. Suddenly, your business is more visible with better rankings. 

Creates connections

We’re not just talking about attracting yummy new customers, here. Blogging helps us to connect to other stakeholders, industry leaders, and experts. Your business networking dots are starting to connect.

In conclusion, kids, blogging frequently has proven benefits to your marketing efforts. Word. 

The tricky bits

But slow down, there. Creating marketing people love is not as easy as it looks, huh? Churn out poor content, and it will damage your brand.  

It’s not enough to set objectives, research your buyers, identify gaps, build the blog content, publish it, distribute the content, measure the return on investment, and plan ahead.

No, siree.

The blog has to sparkle. It must be original. Witty. Current. Clever.  

Ugh. This is worse than a Tinder checklist. 

Oh, and remember, you’re dealing with fickle, critical readers with low attention spans and high expectations. You’re competing with sleek, experienced professionals. Some of them have shiny marketing qualifications. 

But your mom still thinks you’re awesome, so….

Look, we don’t want to scare you off blogging. You blog your little heart out, ya hear? But do it right. Go for quality, not quantity. 

Time to call in the pros

Right, so maybe you’re sold on the needing to blog bit, but you’ve weighed up what’s involved and frankly, you’re busy getting on with the not always glamorous job of running a business. 

Maybe you don’t have the time. Or energy (we hear you’re in your pajamas in front of Netflix by 9 pm). Perhaps the thought of getting the spelling and grammar correct makes you break out in a schoolboy sweat. 

Well, lucky for you, the blogging gods have answered your desperate prayer. Hashtag Creative has a blogging dream team that lives for this kind of thing. Honestly, they can’t get enough of it. They pitch fresh ideas, create quality blogs to draw customers to websites. Our clients come in all shapes and sizes: law, hospitality, fitness, charity, real estate, and more. 

Connect and learn how we can create blogs that will promote your business with personality and flair.