If you run a business, we’ve got an important message for you: You’ve got to think about your online presence.

It’s not enough to work hard, be the best, and be an expert in your field. The world needs to know about it. That’s because regardless of what industry you’re in, your business heavily relies on its online presence and reputation.

You may have heard of Google reviews, and you may even know that they help to establish trust, credibility, and visibility.

But how important are Google reviews? What can they do for your business? And how can you handle a negative review?

Like always, Hashtag Creative is on your side. 

Today we’re talking about Google reviews, so let’s get to it.

The world of Google reviews

Google reviews are customer-generated testimonials. Not only do they boost a business’s discoverability, but they also impact its overall success. 

So, you know, kind of a big deal.

The peeps at Hashtag Creative understand the mega influence that Google reviews can have on a small business. We’re here to shed light on their undeniable power and share how to handle them effectively.

Small businesses can significantly improve their online visibility and trustworthiness by encouraging customers or clients to leave Google reviews. Positive reviews serve as a testament to the quality of products or services offered, attracting potential customers looking for reliable and reputable businesses. 

Now, here’s the science bit: Google’s search algorithm often prioritizes businesses with a higher volume of positive reviews, making it crucial for small businesses to actively encourage satisfied customers to share their experiences.

The many benefits of Google reviews

Google reviews are great for a business, especially when it comes to trust and feedback.

  • Boost discoverability and trust

Positive Google reviews act as powerful social proof. This instills confidence in potential customers and encourages them to choose your business over those pesky competitors. 

  • Feedback

There’s always room for improvement, right? Reviews provide valuable feedback for business owners, allowing them to understand their customers’ needs and preferences better. This is valuable insight you can use to improve customer satisfaction. 

How to handle a negative review

Everyone knows that positive reviews can boost a business’s reputation, and negative reviews can be detrimental if not handled correctly. 

And let’s face it: no matter how fabulous your business is, you can suffer a negative review.


But don’t panic. At Hashtag Creative, we advise our clients to approach a negative review with a proactive mindset. 

Firstly, respond promptly and tread carefully. Secondly, address the customer’s concerns respectfully and offer a genuine solution. 

By demonstrating your willingness to rectify any issues, you’re showing your commitment to customer satisfaction and your dedication to providing a positive experience for every customer. Because you care.

Share your great reviews

When your business receives a glowing review from a satisfied customer, use that positive feedback to its full potential. In other words, share, share, share!

Don’t be shy, now. Share these positive reviews across your various social media platforms, company website, and newsletters

By showcasing these testimonials, your reputation is strengthening, your credibility is growing, and your audience is broadening.

Game changer

Recognize the power of Google reviews and harness that power for your business.

At Hashtag Creative, this is all in our wheelhouse, and we’re happy to advise you on this specialist area.

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That’s why we’re happy to share our very own Google reviews with you. Like this one from Laura Yaeger:

“FIVE STARS all around! Beyond professional! Most important Sue and her team got my voice and understood my business vision.”

We are so grateful to our clients for putting their business dreams in our hands. 

So, if you’ve got questions about marketing your business, talk to us.