Your business has an established social media presence, so gold star for you, right? 

Yes, but there’s more to achieve.

Managing digital marketing for your business means going beyond Facebook posting and Instagram stories. 

At Hashtag Creative, we’ve got lots of tools in our digital marketing toolbox, and today we’re exploring the world of paid media. 

Let’s dive in. 

What is paid media?

External marketing campaigns that require a paid placement are known as paid media or media buying. Examples include pay-per-click advertising, branded content, and display ads. For a business, paid media is a great way to boost revenue growth, connect with more potential customers, and build brand awareness. 

Let’s talk about Facebook ads

With over 2 billion people using Facebook every month, you can understand why running a Facebook Ad is a good way for a business to target future customers and fans. You can display ads based on people’s demographics, and their interests and behaviors on Facebook, Instagram, and other apps and websites within the Facebook Audience Network. 

3 things to know:

  1. You start by choosing a marketing goal for your business, selecting your audience, and setting your budget.
  2. You use self-service tools to create campaigns.
  3. You can track the ad’s performance using reports. Are you getting big bold results? 

Let’s talk about Google ads

A less talked about but equally important digital marketing tool is Google ads. This opens up an opportunity to get your business message to a massive audience in a crowded marketplace. You can display ads to people who are searching for products or services related to your business on Google search, Google Maps, and more. 

3 things to bear in mind:

  1. With competition so fierce, it can be hard to get your post to stand out from the rest. It’s essential to do your research and craft a compelling ad copy that grabs attention.
  2. You pay when someone clicks on your ad, and those clicks can add up. That’s why it’s essential to set a budget so that you can manage your spending.
  3. Google Ads require maintenance. Someone needs to monitor the performance of the ad and adjust its targeting, bidding, and ad copy as required. This ensures the best results. 

Digital marketing experts

Our in-house digital marketing expert Taylor knows a thing or two about social media. Here’s what she has to say about paid social media and how she manages this for Hashtag Creative.

“With paid media, one of the first things I look at when getting it set up for a client is what is their goal. Is it to build awareness, drive traffic to a website, or something else? From there, we can create a plan and campaigns based on the goal. We can take specific keywords, interests, and locations, then narrow down who sees the ad to really key in on the target audience. These campaigns run for months at a time and are great for reaching a wide audience. 

Another type of paid media we do is boosting. It’s similar to larger campaigns but for a shorter amount of time and less money. They’re great for when a certain post does really well you can boost it to get more impressions (people viewing the ad). At Hashtag, we do this usually once a week depending on the client or budget.”

Time for a targeted campaign

When it comes to getting the marketing right for your business, it’s best left in the hands of the experts. At Hashtag, we know how to engage your audience, build brand awareness, and ultimately gain more clients

Hashtag Creative specializes in creating marketing people love, and our hardworking team is here for you.

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