Yes, folks, summer is officially here.  School’s out, the fan is on full blast, and office small talk has switched to where everyone’s going on their vacation.

The Fall, Winter, and Spring have been hectic, and Summer is often reported as the ‘slow time.’ However, if you’re a business owner, the phone ringing less is not a relief, it’s a worry. Pair this with the knock that many businesses have taken (thanks a bunch, Covid) and the waft of uncertainty in the air (thanks, economic upheaval) and it’s no wonder we’re reluctant to kick back. 

Let’s talk. Who wouldn’t welcome more business? More clients? More leads, referrals, and traffic? We see your little hand waving in the air. 

Let’s look at what you can do this summer to boost your business, keep your existing customers happy, and attract new business. Don’t worry, it’s going to be fun.  

  1. Website 

Sorry to have to be the one to break it to you, but simply putting a tick in the box when it comes to having a website is not enough. Sure, your website is up and running, but is it visible? Are you up to speed on SEO? Does it contain relevant or dated information? Is it user-friendly? It could be time for a refresh.

  1. Strategy

The summer is the perfect time to set social media and marketing set goals. You’ll need to figure out what steps or actions you need to take to achieve these goals, or what support or expertise you’ll need. 

When thinking about the future, you’ll need to reflect on the past. What efforts worked well, and what tanked? Learning lessons, spotting trends, and pivoting future content is the only way to win.

  1. Networking

Getting yourself out there, both face-to-face and online is the best way to generate leads and get referrals. Anyone you connect with, whether that’s a former colleague or college buddy, a person from your industry, or someone you chat with in the supermarket aisle, is a potential customer or referrer. Networking on social media platforms by liking/ commenting on/ sharing other’s posts and connecting to others from your industry is important. And the summer is the perfect time to host an event.

  1. News

If you were flat out earlier in the year, get that newsletter together now, and let your supporters and clients learn more about your new staff or new products.

Online, share any press mentions, reviews, sponsorships, or events. 

  1. Content

Start a content calendar to plan your social media for the rest of the year rather than scrambling for last-minute ideas when you’ll be busy. Gather photos or images that will be ideal for social media posts and write relevant blog posts or articles. 

Evergreen content is helpful, high-quality content that you can share any time of the year. Client focussed, helpful, trusted content that provides value to the reader beats the hard-sell every time and showcases your expertise. 

Easy Breezy

Use your time wisely this summer and you’re laying the groundwork for a successful year ahead. Think of it as planting teeny business seeds that will flourish. 

As for us? Well, at Hashtag Creative we’re always thinking ahead, getting to know our clients better, and figuring out how we can maximize their business. We want them to reach and engage new audiences, keep their brand current, and convert strangers into customers. That’s why we create marketing people love

Our team are marketing experts, and we get the big bold results. We’re always happy to guide you. Now is good