Thought you knew everything about Facebook? Think again! The world of social media is constantly changing.

But don’t worry because Hashtag Creative will keep you in the know. Let’s start with an essential topic: building a business Facebook page. 

Ladies and gentlemen, the School of Hashtag is now in session.

Does my business really need a Facebook page?



A business Facebook page is great for connecting with current and potential customers, promoting new products or services, and building brand awareness.

Facebook is still a highly relevant platform for marketing your brand, helping you to reach a wide audience across various demographics and locations. It has a higher click-through rate compared to Instagram. 

You can also use paid media like Facebook Ads for extra oomph, reaching 62.6% of all Americans aged 13+. 

Building a business Facebook page

To create a professional Facebook business page, follow our step-by-step guide:

  1. You’ll need a personal profile on first before you can set up a business account. Navigate to ‘see all’ then ‘page’.
  2. Add ‘page name’ (the name of your business)
  3. Navigate to ‘category,’ using the various keywords available. You can add multiple categories if needed.
  4. Under ‘bio’ add a brief description of your business.
  5. Click on ‘Create page.’
  6. Add in your business contact information, phone number, email, location, and hours. Add your website if you have one. Click next.
  7. Add a profile picture and company logo.
  8. Add ‘action button.’ This is the ‘call to action’, in other words, what you want customers to do when they land on your Facebook page. Click ‘try it’ and select either ‘book now,’ ‘sign up’, ‘view shop’ (great for those with an online store, you can link to your e-commerce website) ‘send message’ or ‘send email.’ 
  9. Invite friends to follow your business page. 
  10. Enable ‘page notifications’ on your profile, and also enable ‘marketing and promotional emails about your page.’
  11. Navigate to ‘manage’ to finish the setup. Click ‘page access’. Add ‘new’ (additional people you want to add so that you can have others help with managing the page. You’ll then have the option to add a username (your business name)
  12. Navigate to ‘linked accounts’ where you can link your Instagram and WhatsApp accounts.
  13. Navigate to ‘professional dashboard’ then navigate to ‘grow audience.’ Under ‘introduce your page’ invite friends to like the page.
  14. Create a welcome post to tell people what your business is all about.
  15. Navigate to ‘inbox’ so you can manage your messages. You can also create message automation.
  16. Add your Facebook business page to your website, which will help you to be more easily discovered by customers

Facebook business page challenges

Now, there’s something you should know about your soon-to-be-created business Facebook page: it needs monitoring and development. Otherwise, you’ll fall into the trap of social media faux pas. 

Your challenges will include posting regular, engaging content, moderating comments, and targeting your audience.

Sometimes, no matter how great you are at social media, it’s a good idea to hire professionals.

Our in-house digital marketing expert Taylor handles the business Facebook pages for many of our happy clients. She has some words of advice:

“In the ever-changing world of Facebook, you want to make sure your business page is set up correctly. At Hashtag, we work together to walk you through the steps to ensure all of the wires are properly connected so you can get the most from your page!”

Meet the experts

At Hashtag Creative, not only do we have the time to dedicate to your business’s social media platforms, but we have the fresh ideas, experience, and skills to get it right.

At Hashtag Creative we’ve got our finger on the social media pulse, and we are experts at crafting compelling posts. You deserve big bold results. We promise to engage your target audience, build brand awareness, and win your business more clients.

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