We’re going to be straight with you. Blogging is a lot of effort. Sure, we make it look easy – aw, thanks for noticing – but blogging requires research, accuracy, and editing. Basically, effort and time. You know, because we all have loads of that lying around…

A well-written blog is engaging, informative, fun, and calls the reader to action. It must be SEO-friendly, uploaded to your website, and shared across social media platforms by someone digital-savvy. 

But lean in closer and we’ll tell you something important: it’s so worth it.

The benefits of blogging

Blogging attracts new leads, drives traffic to your website, builds trust and brand identity, and helps you to engage with new and existing clients. We mentioned before –  cos we love stats – that blogging businesses get 13-times the return on investment compared with non-blogging businesses, and they create 67% more leads per month.

When you blog, you’ll watch the interest in your product or service soar, and see client queries and bookings rise.

So, you know, amazing if you like profits and customers…

The catch

So, if blogging is that awesome, why isn’t everyone doing it? Of course, there’s a catch: blogging must be done right to get the big, bold, results. In other words, the blog must be healthy. We don’t mean to be strict, guys, but there are some blogging rules. 

  • Never do the ‘hard sell’ – people often do their own research, both online and on social media, then come to you when they are ready. If your blog is pushy, forget it, pal.
  • Always do your homework – blogs need research and accurate info. Otherwise, you break trust.
  • Know your audience and adapt your tone.
  • Edit the blog – flawless punctuation, grammar, and spelling are essential. Your teacher was right, you do have potential when you apply yourself. 
  • Share it – why have a fabulous blog and then hide it? Blast it on Social Media.

Health check

It’s time for a check-up, and you’re being very brave. To stay healthy, your blog needs regular updates, quality posts, and social media shares. 

So, treat it like a spoiled chihuahua: feed it and show it off. 

There are 4 tests we need to run to see if your blog has a pulse. You can hold our hand if you’d like. 

  • Does your blog have smarts?

A good blog is informative, showing the reader you’re a leader in your sector, a captain of industry. They’ve got questions, and you’ve got answers, baby. You’re skilled, experienced, and confident. You’ve got top tips and how-to guides like nobody else. Damn it, you’re the expert they’ve been waiting for all of their lives.

  • Does your blog have a personality?

Reading articles should be fun, right? Honestly, we read plenty of books in college – been there, done that, googled “what is a metaphor?” These days, we’re all bombarded with content and sometimes we want to read for fun. Blog in a way that’s easy to understand and has a sense of humor. Your business has a personality, so let’s see it.

  • Does your blog have a heart?

What does your business stand for? What is your team passionate about? Is there a cause close to your heart? Maybe you have a family business. Tell us a success story where your business helped someone. All of these things show the human behind the desk, and we can’t help but get on board.

  • Is your blog pretty?

Now, no offense to the plain Jane blogs out there, but a blog should be visually appealing to entice readers. Think of it like a portfolio. This is especially true for food/restaurant blogs or anything to do with luxury or lifestyle. Eye-catching images encourage browsing. 

The blog doctor is in the house

We get it. For some, the idea of updating WordPress and getting the hang of social media can be intimidating and impractical. 

Sometimes, outsourcing to a marketing specialist and getting on with what you do best is the way to go. 

The Hashtag Creative team are marketing experts. We create marketing people love and can help your business develop trust, brand, and reputation with quality blogging. Our portfolio shows the businesses that have trusted us with their marketing and never looked back.

Tell us about your business and what kind of blogs your business dreams about.