It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Sure, we’re excited to take a break after a busy and productive year, but there’s another reason we’re feeling festive.

Christmas is the time of year to give back, and what better way to spread some Christmas cheer than by making some wishes come true? When we saw the Pet Pal Animal Shelter Wishlist, we knew we wanted to get on board to help their four-legged guests.

On the 12th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

Each day on our social media, we showed you a different item donated and gave a platform to a deserving pet looking for their fur-ever home. Here’s a recap!

  • Day 12: We donated 12 small animal beds (perfect for snoozing) and met the yellow-eyed, luxurious-whiskered cat ‘Valerie.’
  • Day 11: We donated 11 fleece blankets (just right for snuggling in) and said hello to the playful Pointer mix ‘Luke.’
  • Day 10: We donated 10 bottles of safe animal soap Dawn (for coats that gleam) and introduced the fluffiest of cats, ‘Mela.’
  • Day 9: We donated 9 cat toy mice (fun for playing with) and stopped to admire a jet-black cat called ‘Boo.’
  • Day 8: We donated 8 bath towels (ideal for drying squeaky clean pets) and fell in love with the lovable tan and white dog, ‘Bandit.’
  • Day 7: We donated 7 Nylabones (for chomping fun) and said “howdy” to a playful dog called ‘Waldo.’
  • Day 6: We donated 6 kitty treats (to be guzzled) and lounged with the pointy-eared ‘Bernadette.’ 
  • Day 5: We donated 5 food bowls (for lip-smackingly good meals) and jumped for joy with the smart and friendly pooch ‘Kai Lo.’  
  • Day 4: We donated 4 big dog beds (made for cuddling) and showcased the sweet and funny dog ‘Boomer.’
  • Day 3: We donated 3 gallons of bleach (to help keep the shelter sparkling) and we were proud to show off ‘Lyric’ the dog.
  • Day 2: We donated 2 bags of Science Diet cat food (purrfect for felines) and curled up with ‘April’ the cat. 
  • Day 1: We donated a big bag of yummy dog food (designed for grazing canines) and were dazzled by the green-eyed cat ‘Lionus.’

Comfort and joy

Pat Pal animal shelter in St. Petersburg has a mission: to rescue cats and dogs from shelters that may be otherwise be euthanized due to time limitations, illness, injuries, or a lack of training or socialization.

Now, keeping the animals warm, dry, fed, and meeting their medical needs is a big undertaking. From cleaning supplies, medical items, food, and toys for cats and dogs, to raising awareness of pets available for adoption, Pet Pal appreciates the support received throughout the year.  

At Hashtag Creative, our team are all animal lovers, and if you ask us about our fur babies at home, we’re likely to chat for ages and show you photos! We’re delighted that our donations made dreams come true for the deserving animals in the care of Pet Pal. No doubt many of them are that bit cozier as they await their fur-ever home.  

Playing Santa Paws was our chance to give back to our community with a cause that’s close to our hearts.

‘Tis the season

That’s a wrap for 2021. It’s been a great year for us, and we’re proud to say that we crushed it. Sure, like all other businesses, we’ve had our challenges, but nothing we couldn’t conquer together. 

To our dream team, we say thank you for your hard work and dedication. To our clients, we say thanks for your faith and collaboration. 

We’re excited to see what exciting opportunities 2022 brings. The sky’s the limit when it comes to creating marketing strategies and Social Media campaigns. 

To the businesses who are dreaming of big, bold results next year, let’s talk