We love our city. St Petersburg is full of great people. We see how tough 2020 has been on families, individuals, and businesses. Many of us are worried about our health, our finances, and our families. We’re busy keeping our families healthy, keeping our businesses afloat, and keeping ourselves well. Now, more than ever, it’s so important to help our community.

The team at Hashtag Creative decided to roll up our sleeves and do something. Little did we know what a roaring success our campaign would turn out to be.

The Cause

OK, so here’s how it worked. We created the Don’t Stand So Close To Me shirts to help our community during this crisis. 100% of the profit went to Local Restaurants. The steps were easy:

  1. You bought the shirt (and you looked hot in it, by the way.) Some of you even gave extra!
  2. Proceeds went to local restaurants to purchase free meals, which in turn helped
    local businesses.
  3. Those who needed a meal received one.

Simple, but effective.

The Stats

We’re nerds at heart, and we love a good set of statistics. Ooh, or a pie chart. And also pie. Any flavor.

Now, big, bold results are what we do. We’re known for our social media, websites, and branding. We do marketing people love. And hey, it turns out that we know how to crush it in the T-shirt-for-a -good-cause arena too. Who knew?

So far, we have fed 195 people… and counting. Let that sink in for a second. Boom! Let’s just call that a massive success, pop the champagne, and show you what our winner’s dance looks like. Hint: there’s a lot of fist-pumping.


The Shirt

Now, for those of you who haven’t seen anyone strutting around St. Pete, rocking their new shirt, where have you been? ? All the cool kids are wearing them. ? Some opted for the shirt and mask – perfect for those who enjoy personal space in a pandemic. The shirt, of course, with proceeds to local Restaurants, and the mask protects locals. You could say it’s the Covid combo.

Looking cool and helping the community? We think that’s awesome.

The supporters

Our T-shirt baby flew the nest, spread its wings, and we’re one proud mama. Our supporters were spotted rocking their shirts:

  • Island Optics in Madeira Beach
  • Kelly Ann and Jim Jenkins in Yellowstone National Park
  • Our Husker friends Nance & Greg in Nebraska
  • Jean and Jane in Sequoia National Park
  • As far as Lake Yankton, South Dakota

The light at the end of the tunnel

Looking back on this year, we know how lucky we are. We’re surrounded by love, support, and community. A huge Hashtag Creative thanks go out to everyone who supported our campaign. Times are tough, but we have proven that together, we are

Stay strong, St. Pete. One day, this pandemic will be behind us just around the corner. We’ll look back on challenging times, proud to have helped, and grateful to have such supporters behind us every step of the way. #WeGotThisStPete