2020 has been a year like no other. And because we have all faced unprecedented challenges, we think that it has never been more important to throw the best Christmas ever. 

Like your gift list, planning your holiday marketing campaign isn’t something you should leave ‘til the last minute. Trust us. No-one wants to be that guy on Christmas eve, in a tinsel tangled panic, scrambling through empty shelves. 

These days, more of us are avoiding the crowds and instead of venturing out, we’re shopping online. E-commerce for your business is a door to success, and your marketing campaign is the key. There’ll be plenty of holiday dollars spent over the next few weeks, and with our help, your campaign is going to be more dazzling than next door’s flashing reindeer display. 

Follow these 7 holly jolly steps to make your holiday marketing campaign a total cracker:

1. Light ‘em up

Think about your desired outcome and set goals that can be used as a benchmark. Goals should always be SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timebound) for example you may want to generate X amount of leads in Y weeks. Next, think about who you’re targeting. Finally, light it up like a Christmas tree. Let’s make your campaign so bright that they’ll spot you from the sleigh. 

 2. Crack ‘em up

Keep it festive. We’ve worked hard all year, reaching for targets. Now we’re counting down the days until we can open the fancy cookies and fight over which holiday movie to watch. Let’s have some fun, here. Do us a favor: save the serious topics until the New Year. 

3. Line ‘em up

Your holiday marketing campaign will be stronger when you align all of your channels to the same message – this way you’re all singing from the same hymn sheet. For example, if your Facebook page is shining a big spotlight on a certain product or service, make sure that your Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn pages are all lined up with the same focus.

4. Offer ‘em up

Try creating something new, special, and tempting for your holiday campaign to reel in some customers. Share these offers on social media and consider paid advertising to boost your message. Make sure your landing page is as ready as a North Pole runway, and that your visuals and headlines are on point. 

5. Mail ‘em up

The kids are writing to Santa, and it’s time to write to everyone who has supported you this year. Email marketing is a chance to dip into your database and send your loyal customers and followers some holiday cheer. A newsletter is a great way to communicate your news, events, and offers. Oh, and a word to the wise? Don’t forget to thank them for being on your nice list all year! 

6. Blog ‘em up

Attract existing and potential customers to your page with a blog that adds value. Keep it festive, fun, and informative with guides and helpful tips.

7. Measure ‘em up

Remember those shiny, twinkling goals you set at the beginning of your campaign? It’s time to see if you’ve hit the target, so answer these burning questions. What worked? What didn’t? Who ate the last slice of pumpkin pie? Make it your New Year’s resolution to learn from your campaign and jump into 2021 stronger.

Make it Magical 

At Hashtag Creative we’re grateful to have the coolest clients, hardest working team, and the best community right here in St. Pete.

Big, bold results are what we do, all year round. We’re clever elves who do marketing people love and we know that a successful campaign needs careful planning and strategy – something we happen to be awesome at. Get in touch and let’s talk about getting you across the 2020 finish line with a festive bang.