Now, if you’re a Floridian, you’ll know that the ribbon has been officially cut on the hurricane season. Let the games begin.

Thing is, Florida is the most hurricane-prone state in the USA, and 40% of all hurricanes impact the Sunshine State. Hurricanes threaten our very lives and wreak havoc on our homes. Not to mention our hair – ain’t enough hairspray in the US of A gonna keep us from looking like Dolly Parton by the time we breathe a sigh of relief in November. 

Still, not everyone quite gets the need to batten down the hatches. It could be brewing up a storm out there and bosses be like “you still coming to work, right? Stick some Velcro to your ass and stay in that swivel chair ‘til 5 o’clock, and duct tape your monitor to the desk. If we lose power, a typewriter will be assigned to you. If we take in water, kayaks are limited to one per employee.”

Well, not us. At Hashtag Creative, we want you all doing Travolta impressions and stayin’ alive. Tight pants are optional. 

Step 1: stay safe with our hurricane preparedness tips

Step 2: Follow us for more life hacks

Before the storm

  • Respect mandatory evacuation orders especially if you’re in a trailer or on low ground. The army doesn’t care if you need to stay and polish your ruby slippers, move out!
  • Make a plan with your fave peeps that details how y’all are going to be self-sufficient for days and, you know, remain on speaking terms. 
  • Check the news (no, not for the latest on the Olivia Rodrigo / Jamie Bassett breakup goss) and weather forecast regularly. Usually, hurricane watches are given 24-36 hours prior to impact. 
  • Remove outdoor items and keep them inside to prevent damage from flying debris. The first to make a Dorothy from Kansas remark is off our Christmas card list, you’ve been warned.
  • If you leave, turn off the power, water, and gas supply. If you stay, pick a safe room away from windows and doors; an interior room on the first floor is ideal. 

Be prepared

This is serious, now, pay attention. There’s a test at the end*. Your hurricane supply checklist should include:

  • Non-perishable foods to last 3 to 5 days, such as peanut butter and cans of tuna or beans. There’s a spot prize for whoever makes the best snack using just these items. 
  • Water. Enough to last several days. Also, enough to wash away the taste of those peanut butter /tuna/bean burritos you made. What were you thinking? Disqualified!
  • Battery-operated radio. No, not to tune in the hurricane party playlist, to listen to the weather broadcast. But for real, turn it up. This is my jam.
  • Flashlights. Don’t forget the batteries. Candles, lighter / matches. 
  • Medicines and a first aid kit. Remember, pharmacies may run out of stock.
  • Pet food and supplies. Because your furry friends are important, too.
  • Comfort items such as books, cards, and board games, so that the family won’t tear each other apart out of boredom.
  • A cooler in case the power goes out. Because nobody should have to drink room temperature beer, we don’t care if it’s a category 5 hurricane. 

Meanwhile, in a storm bunker in Florida…

Guys, we want you to stick around. Our clients, neighbors, and friends here in St. Pete mean the world to us. So, you know, stay safe. I mean, who’s going to laugh at our jokes if you’re not there? 

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