Staying Afloat in Hurricane Season. 

If you’re a business owner, then business continuity is in your vocabulary. That’s because when obstacles come your way you need to find a way to get under or over them. Business continuity is essential – especially for a small business that simply can’t survive when severe weather puts a halt to its trading. 

And so here you are, as September marks the height of the 2022 Hurricane Season, glued to the weather channel and worrying about how all of this uncertainty is going to affect your staff, customers, and your small business. There’s nothing like hurricane season to put a business owner on high alert. 

Staying afloat

Anyone who works and lives in Florida knows that the threat to life and property that storms and hurricanes bring is a big deal. Between evacuation orders, people being forced to stay indoors, power loss, and damage to workplace buildings, it’s no wonder that customer footfall and sales are down. 

Storms and hurricanes can blow your business sideways, but the crafty gang at Hashtag Creative is on hand to share ways to stay afloat. Let’s talk about keeping communication open with your employees and customers or clients, staying visible in the marketplace, and keeping your sales and bookings going. Let’s keep this show on the road, folks!

Communication channels

Sure, it’s a challenge to stay connected to everyone during a major weather event, but it’s time to think of your business as having a digital storefront now. Get to know your Facebook business page, Instagram business account, and WhatsApp business account because these are convenient ways to stay in touch with customers and staff. 

  • Technology tools

Some of us take to new technology like breathing and others find it more challenging. Get to grips with hosting live events such as live videos and stories on Facebook and Instagram, as it’s a great way to connect with people. 

Try chats through live channels to answer customer queries on products or services, offer support, and show that your business is still in action.

You can use Facebook and Instagram to highlight products, book appointments, create a product catalog or take payments.

  • Website

If your business has traditionally relied on in-store traffic, it’s time to get yourself an e-commerce website. And if your website is dated, it’s time for a refresh. This way, you’ll be able to sell products online, manage orders, take bookings, and accept payments. 

You might have held most of your meetings or consultations online but with severe weather, you’ll need to think outside the box and conduct video calls on a cell phone, tablet, or laptop. Remember, your Facebook account lets you accept appointments for online consultations. 

  • Social media

It’s time to ‘keep calm and carry on’ by posting consistently on social media despite uncertainty. Try to encourage customer engagement and share product news, specials, and service updates. 

  • Community spirit

Your business is part of the community, so let people know that you’re doing all you can to keep your business going while keeping your people safe, how the hurricane is affecting you, and what you’re doing to help others. Share helpful tips and resources on hurricane preparation, staying safe, weather updates, and local government advice.  

The show must go on

No sooner had we dried off after tropical storm Colin in July than hurricane Danielle came crashing through Florida, and next in line is storm Earl. It’s definitely time to batten down the hatches. 

We previously posted our hurricane safety tips which we hope will help to keep you, your family, community, home, and business unharmed this hurricane season.  

Whatever the weather, you’ll find the Hashtag Creative team at the wheel, steering our clients through storms and towards sunnier days ahead. We love to create marketing people love and do all that we can to support our clients and get them big, bold results.  

Stay in touch and let us help your business to thrive.